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How to Combat a Negative Webutation

Back before the internet was born, word-of-mouth and maybe a telephone directory were the main engines that built a practice. Today, the phone book has been replaced by Google, and the World Wide Web serves as a loudspeaker for your reputation, which many now call your “webutation.” Do you know your webutation? If you don’t,…
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Let Generation Z Help You Navigate the Digital World

Call them what you will—Gen Z, iGen, or Post-Millennials—but don’t overlook our youngest generation. These digital natives (we’ll call them Gen Z going forward) have a unique perspective, they are outspoken and poised to lead. Learning how to market to this generation will teach you a lot about how to market to all your potential…
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Three Reasons Your Practice Should Have a Facebook Page

“How would you like patients to contact your practice?” asked Jeff Takacs in his session intro at the annual meeting of the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA). “Your answer should be: However they prefer.” For many patients, that preference includes Facebook. Nearly 70 percent of all Americans are on Facebook, according to a 2018 survey…