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Is Your Website Accessible for All Your Patients?

One aspect of the Americans with Disabilities Act is design standards for newly-designed or -altered government, public, and commercial facilities. The idea is that our public spaces should be as accessible as possible to all, regardless of disability. Just as with public spaces, it is difficult for an individual to accomplish all they need to…
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Three Reasons Your Practice Should Have a Facebook Page

“How would you like patients to contact your practice?” asked Jeff Takacs in his session intro at the annual meeting of the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA). “Your answer should be: However they prefer.” For many patients, that preference includes Facebook. Nearly 70 percent of all Americans are on Facebook, according to a 2018 survey…
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Importance of Building a Patient Email List

“I read on the internet…,” is a phrase you probably hear patients say a lot these days. Whether you like it or not, your patients (both current and potential) are online, and they want their health information at the click of a button. To run a successful practice, you need to meet your patients where…
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What Is Evergreen Content and Why Do You Need It?

Every neurologist has a list of questions they answer over and over again. What are treatment concerns for patients with a certain diagnosis? What is your philosophy on managing chronic pain? How will this disease progress and affect my quality of life? What Is Evergreen Content? These topics and many others are “evergreen.” Just like…
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